Asiana 2014 Khuhsboos By Chand

Asiana teamed up with Edgbaston Stadium, the County Ground to bring you Birmingham’s biggest wedding exhibition ever! The world-famous stadium is also Birmingham’s No1 wedding venue, which makes it the natural location for this prestigious event.
Our spectacular Catwalk is the highlight of the event. The show takes place at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm. This is an all-seated show.

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Event: Asiana Catwalk 2014
Photography: Zulf Photography


Indo/Pak concept Show

A stunning fresh Indo/Pak concept collection designed and showcased by our collaborating designer Aminah Ahmed. You will see some unique pieces with creative couture adaptations. Only available via Khushboos by Chand.

Khushboos Designer’s lounge

This year we took advantage of setting up in the designer’s lounge to meet our fans personally and to inspire them for their dream day. We had a selection of outfits and live models happy to talk and share tips. All those that came to visit us greeted with a warm welcome and non-alcoholic refreshments.


KBC_Lounge_Zulfphotography9 KBC_Lounge_Zulfphotography10

Couture Catwalk 2014

Contemporary, cutting-edge, creative couture from the countries most influential Asian fashion designers were showcased at Edgbaston Cricket Stadium in Birmingham this week at the most innovative fashion show the city has ever seen.
The Asiana Couture Catwalk which took place on Wednesday 12th March was the first-time high-end Asiana haute-couture has been showcased in the city and with many of the designers hailing from the West Midlands, it was a chance to showcase the world-class talents of some of the biggest names in the industry

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Pakistani/Mughal inspired Collection

Khushboos’s By Chand December 2013

Timeless, classical and elegant womenswear with opulent Pakistani influences.

It’s no secret that women love Chand and we can see why! His new collection for Khushboo’s By Chand consists of long-length feminine shararahs, ghararahs, anarkhalis and dresses that ooze glamour. Long jackets and flared trousers add a retro twist that capture the flair and sophistication of yesteryear Bollywood costumes. The colour palette of rich rainbow shades suits every skin tone – from vibrant oranges to fabulous fuschias, each piece is an artwork in its own right. Modest cuts keep the pieces versatile, making them suitable for all kinds of functions, celebrations, mendis and every day wear. Delightful details include golden embroidery, pearl embellishments and soft velvet trims, while Chand’s signature layering, which always flatters, makes its usual, welcomed appearance.

Here we showcase the latest Traditional Pakistani/Mughal inspired Collection.

Traditional Pakistani/Mughal inspired Collection Traditional Pakistani/Mughal inspired Collection
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